Oral Thrush: Yeast Infection in a mouth

Oral Thrush and Yeast Infection in a Mouth:
What causes a yeast infection in a mouth?

We’ll help you understand. To make it easy, we’ve explained some of the most common concerns and answered some of the most critical questions when it comes to thrush, also known as an oral yeast infection.

1. Appearance: How does an oral yeast infection look?

2. Location: What are common places thrush might occur?

3. Age: Who is more likely to get thrush (oral yeast infection)?

4. Susceptibility: What diseases can make you more prone to thrush?

5. Other causes: What factors put you at a higher risk for developing thrush?

6. Prevention and Treatment: How can you keep yourself healthy?

Candida Albicans accumulate on the lining of your mouth. Candida is a normal organism but can overgrow and sometimes cause symptoms, leading to developing a yeast infection in a mouth.

Image of a patient covering his mouth because he has dental problems associated with yeast infection in a mouth.

An appearance of yeast infection in a mouth:

  • A creamy white lesion
  • Sometimes can be raised lesions with a cottage cheese-like appearance.
  • Do not always appear white; some thrush appears red (atrophic).
Image of a lady who is covering her mouth. She has just learned about common reasons for yeast infection in a mouth.

Common location of yeast infection in a mouth:

  • On the tongue or inner cheeks.
  • It can spread to the roof of your mouth, gums, and tonsils or back of your throat.

Oral thrush can affect anyone but is more common in babies, the elderly, and in people with suppressed immune systems.  It is a minor problem in a healthy person but can be more severe in a person with a weakened immune system.

Oral thrush or yeast infection in a mouth can occur when a disease or drugs such as prednisone weaken your immune system.  Also, people on antibiotics may disturb the natural balance of microorganisms in the body, causing thrush.

If you have a suppressed immune system thrush is more likely to spread to your digestive tract, lungs, liver, heart..etc. The infections can also spread to the intestines, making it difficult to receive adequate nutrition.

Image showing the biology of yeast infection in a mouth.

Diseases that may make you more susceptible to yeast infection in a mouth:

  • HIV
  • Cancer – Can occur after chemotherapy/radiation
  • Diabetes
Image of a burning cigarette, which can also have adverse effects on or cause a yeast infection in a mouth.


Other causes for yeast infection in a mouth:

  • People who wear dentures and do not take them out when they sleep, don’t clean them properly, or ill-fitting dentures.
  • Inhalers-not cleaning the inhaler properly.
  • Excessive mouth rinse use-might destroy the bacteria that keep the Candida bacteria at bay.
  • Steroid medication-long-term use.
  • Dry Mouth
  • Diet
  • Smoking

Prevention of: Thrush or Yeast infection in a mouth

  • Take a Probiotic regularly.
  • After using an inhaler, rinse your mouth with water.Brush twice a day and floss regularly.
  • Clean your dentures adequately and take them out at night.
  • See your dentist near me in Lincoln, NE regularly.
  • Try and limit the amount of sugar and yeast-containing foods.
  • Maintaining good blood sugar levels if you’re diabetic.

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