Teeth Whitening

Intersted in getting your teeth whitened?

teeth-whitening -Lincoln-nebraska-dentist-Our self-esteem is absolutely affected by how we perceive ourselves, even our outward selves. Our smile and appearance can have a definite effect on our moods and on the way we function in our social and business relationships. Common conditions that have a negative impact on our smile are “gummy” smiles, cracked or broken teeth, missing teeth, and discolored teeth. When it comes to discolored teeth, many people consider teeth whitening.

Each patient that comes to us will be evaluated on their own distinctions and specific needs. If you find yourself to be interested in learning more about teeth whitening, our cosmetic dentists will find out everything they can about your personal needs and wants to see whether or not you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. At times, stains that are only found on the surface of the teeth can be removed with a good cleaning. However, if stains are found deeper as well as affecting the structure of the tooth, a different approach will be considered in the patient’s cosmetic makeover. Regardless, we know that any tooth stain is unwelcome.

What Causes Stained Front Teeth?

If you are considering teeth whitening, you may be resentful that your teeth have stains in the first place. Teeth stains can be caused for several reasons. Certain foods and drinks, like tea, coffee, grape or carrot juice, berries, or beets can cause your teeth to retain staining. If you received silver amalgam fillings years ago, they may be leaching out silver salts onto your teeth. Also, when a tooth suffers trauma or if the nerve dies, it may become dark gray in appearance because of bleeding within the tooth or debris within the pulp of the tooth. Finally, if a child was given certain medications as a child, like Tetracycline, while their teeth were forming, those teeth may become permanently discolored. Teeth whitening is a option for stained teeth, but patients must be aware that teeth whitening cannot rectify all stained teeth.