What is the best solution to stop teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding:

Risks and Solutions

During teeth grinding, we apply extra forces to our teeth and present dental work, leading to grave consequences of this uncontrollable habit. There are so many people who suffer from teeth grinding both during the day and at night, many of which do not even realize that they are doing it.

Some people grind during the day and at night. Nighttime teeth grinding ii often more damaging as it can not be controlled while we sleep. Nighttime uncontrollable teeth grinding can chip teeth, wear down enamel, cause facial pain, jaw problems and also increase tooth sensitivity to both hot and cold drinks. If you have been grinding your teeth regularly at night for many years, by the time you get to the ages of between 40-50, there is a very high chance that you need dental work to fix effects of nighttime grinding.

All about night guards:

The best solution to night time teeth grinding

A simple solution to nighttime teeth grinding is a night guard. Night guards are devices that should be put into your mouth as you sleep with the goal to stop you from teeth grinding, preventing damage to your teeth and existing dental work.


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What are the side effects of nighttime teeth grinding?

The biggest concerns associated with nighttime grinding are:

– TMJ symptoms

– Inability to open your mouth

– Pain during chewing

– Headaches or neck pain


Some things you can do to help relieve these side effects include minimizing jaw movements, eating softer foods and using relaxation techniques. By using an ice pack on your jaw, it can also help to lessen the pain, but none of the methods mentioned will get rid of it completely. The most efficient way is wearing a nightguard, which is a  simple device for minimizing painful repercussions of teeth grinding, in addition to helping you stop the habit completely over time.
At our offices, we make soft night guards that are custom made for you. Custom made soft night guards are more conformable to wear and tend to stay in a mouth all night, protecting you from the effects of night teeth grinding.


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Some more of the benefits of night guards are:

1. They help prevent cracked fillings and tooth decay

The materials used for fillings are strong, but over time, teeth grinding can have an adverse affect them – they are only made of plastic after all. The materials in the fillings will crack eventually due to teeth grinding and once this happens, cavities can develop in the cracks of the filling material.


2. Night guards can eliminate pain and headaches by reducing teeth grinding

Some of the things that associate discomfort in teeth grinding are headaches, earaches, jaw pain, neck pain and an all around stiffness to the facial area. These symptoms are signs of the stressed out TMJ, painful and can make you generally feel miserable in your day to day life. Night guards can make a difference when it comes to these painful symptoms because the device is stopping the upper and lower teeth coming into contact with each other, eliminating tension to the face and taking pressure off your TMJ. The night guard also helps to slightly re-position the teeth which decrease jaw pain greatly.


3. Improves sleep pattern by reducing teeth grinding

Night guards are so comfortable in your mouth that they can significantly improve your quality of sleep and also help you have a more structured sleeping pattern. The guard is actually positioned in a way that relaxes your jaw and keeps the muscles in your mouth as relaxed as possible. Also, the fact that the night guard alleviates pain is another reason why it improves sleep – making for a happier you!

Do you have TMJ?


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Children who grind their teeth – is it dangerous?

Children can also suffer from nighttime teeth grinding just like adults. A reported 15 – 33% of children allegedly grind their teeth, which is quite a large statistic! Grinding of the “baby” teeth isn’t known to cause many problems to children, as permanent teeth will replace their baby teeth. The problem is of course after the adult teeth come in if the child is still grinding their teeth – this will result in the same problems that adults experience as detailed previously. The child might need crowns or a night guard to stop them teeth grinding, so definitely consider doing this sooner rather than later.


How much for a custom night guard for teeth grinding?

It’s crucial to get a custom night guard because that it is perfect for your mouth and your mouth only. Night guards that you can buy for $10 or so in most stores simply won’t be effective because they are not designed for you. A custom night guard will give you the maximum possible benefits, which you will experience before very long at all. We are a high-quality Lincoln dentist and can make you a custom night guard for the affordable price of only  $75!

On the whole, there are many benefits to wearing a night guard to stop yourself from grinding your teeth or to reduce the pain related with this. Get in touch with one of our local Lincoln dentist to find out more information on how we can help your teeth with teeth grinding or TMJ pain.

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