Short Teeth

Short Teeth and Gummy Smile Solutions

Many people show small teeth with a lot of red gum tissue. They frequently think that they have short teeth or that their gums have grown over their teeth. In their minds, they see their smile as a gummy smile. Those people usually don’t have short teeth, and most commonly think they have too much gum tissue, which needs to be removed to expose more tooth structure to show their normal length and beauty.

genetics or certain medications can cause excessive gum tissue. In either case, plastic surgery for your smile can be done to give a fuller, more cosmetically pleasing smile.

First solution: Gum Re-contouring/ Gingivectomy

gummy smile coddington dental in Lincoln NE
gummy smile coddington dental in Lincoln NE

This solution is for a patient with an uneven gum line, overgrown gum tissue, or thick gums. It is done to make gums look better. They may have an unusual shape or may not be formed normally. Excessive gum tissue can be gently recontoured, often using a laser.

Because the procedure is minimally-invasive, patients may have soreness or discomfort, but usually, no pain after the gingivectomy has been done. The final result, the appearance of your smile is changed. Your new smile may have more even gum line, correction of a gummy smile, and the teeth to appear longer.

Dr. Joekel with patient

Another Solution: Crown lengthening

If your short teeth are naturally short, the short teeth have been badly worn, or the bone contours (under the gums where the gums meet the teeth) are thick and irregular, you may need more invasive gum surgery where the gum and the underlying bone have to be contoured.

The crown lengthening procedure is required when there is a need to expose the underlying bone to remove some of the excessive gum tissue. There is more of a tendency to have more discomfort than is experienced with a gingivectomy. The final result will also give you more even gum smile, correction of a gummy smile, and make teeth appeared longer. 

Dr. Jodi Day and Dr. Brad Alderman are Lincoln family dentists at Coddington Dental. They can guide you in finding your solution to a better smile. Say goodbye to short teeth and a gummy smile, these Lincoln dentists are among the greatest dentists in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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