White Fillings: For a More Natural Smile

Image of a happy lady who has metal-free white fillings.

Do you have silver fillings? Are you thinking about getting them replaced? 

Here we’ll talk about all of the important things including:

1. What is a white filling.

2. Why you might want to consider replacing silver fillings.

3. Find out what metal-free dentistry has to offer. To see, we’ve included an easy to read brochure because we’re all about making things easy!  

What are white fillings?

White fillings are made of a composite material that bonds to your tooth and has a beautiful, lasting result. A filling is needed when a tooth has decay (a cavity). The filling will take the place of the decay, helping to strengthen the tooth and prevent further decay. The dentist will first prepare the tooth by removing all of the decay that is present. Once the decay has been removed, the filling will be placed. After the filling material has hardened, it will function like a normal, healthy tooth.

Why replace silver fillings? What are the benefits of white fillings?

Many practices still use silver fillings. At Coddington Dental, our doctors believe that composite, white fillings are the most sensible option. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also better for your tooth and overall health. Silver fillings can contain small amounts of mercury that can be released gradually over time when you grind your teeth together or while chewing or talking. Silver fillings also expand and contract with temperature changes in your mouth, which can cause small cracks in your tooth over time. White composite fillings do not release harmful material over time and requires the removal of less tooth structure in preparation versus silver fillings.


Image of the brochure about white fillings from Coddington Dental in Lincoln, NE.

Check out the “Metal-Free Dentistry” Brochure

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You may choose to replace your silver fillings with tooth-colored fillings for aesthetic purposes, or you may need to have your silver fillings replaced once they have worn out. No matter what, we believe a white composite filling is always the better option.

Make an appointment today to schedule an exam at Coddington Dental and ask about the benefits of white fillings.


The information on this page was written by Dr. Jodi Day.

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