Professional Teeth Whitening

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Do you want a youthful smile? Do you want to slow down the aging process of your teeth? Over time, our smiles naturally become more discolored and lose their white shine, which can happen as early as one’s late twenties! It it possible that this process can happen even earlier, depending upon oral hygiene habits, medications, diet, or tobacco use. The most simple, effective, and inexpensive way to enhance your smile is with professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening tray

Coddington Dental provides an at-home whitening solution that is designed specifically for you. Over-the-counter whitening treatments aren’t custom made to suit your needs and often produce sensitivity and fewer desirable results. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for professional teeth whitening, the procedure will begin by going for a mold of the teeth. These impressions will be sent to our lab, where custom whitening trays will professionally be fabricated. Because these trays satisfy your teeth entirely, sensitivity is commonly a rare occurrence.

Once your trays are prepared and you finished your in-office treatment, you can continue the whitening process at home. While the bleach provided to you can be professional-strength, there’s only a certain percentage we’re able to give for use outside of the office. That means you will achieve results after some time as opposed to a drastic, instant change like our one-hour in professional office bleaching. Even though particulars are gradual, the share of bleach within our take-home kit continues to be much higher compared to 5-14% solution found in over-the-counter treatments.

Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

An excellent whitening option for a patient with sensitive teeth is professional level bleaching. Whether your teeth are sensitive to cold or to other whitening solutions you have tried, we encourage you to try our professional teeth whitening solution.
Unlike over the counter teeth whitening kits, our bleach is a formulation that helps fight against sensitivity. That, combined with the whitening trays that are custom-fit to your teeth, sensitivity is significantly reduced or not an issue at all.

Professional teeth 1-hour teeth whitening

The color of your teeth usually start as a beautiful, pearly white when they first erupt, but unfortunately they yellow or darken as you age, eat certain foods or drink beverages like coffee and red wine. This can cause you to have less confidence in your smile, however, there is an easy fix to most patient’s problem of discolored teeth!

Professional-level bleaching is the most effective way to whiten your smile. While over the counter kits may produce results, many patients report increased sensitivity and a lengthier time frame before they see the results they desire compared to professional-level treatment.

Our 1-hour teeth whitening procedure produces exceptional results that could otherwise take weeks or months to achieve with over the counter treatments. Once you have had a cosmetic evaluation to determine you are a good candidate for 1-hour whitening, impressions will be taken and sent to our lab to fabricate custom whitening trays for you. Once your trays are back, the procedure will only take 45 minutes to 1-hour. Professional level bleach solution is placed into your custom trays and placed on your teeth by a dentist who will then monitor your progress over the next hour. The trays are then removed; the bleach cleaned off, and you are ready to enjoy your new white smile!

You will also get to keep your custom trays after the procedure along with a take-home bleaching solution so you can maintain your white smile at home. 1-hour professional teeth whitening is so effective that you should not have to repeat it again for two years or more depending on your consumption of teeth-staining foods, drinks, and tobacco use.

What do we use for our in-office whitening solution?

Our top Whitening System (Opalescence) remains safe for sensitive teeth, fast and effective, while offering the brightest results. It’s a handy and affordable solution for patients who wish for immediate cosmetic results. This system is the most excellent whitening method since it offers accomplishment with minimal sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth and possess tried but wouldn’t like the final results of pieces or in the home whitening products, try our professional bleaching procedure. Our tooth whitening products contain ingredients to help prevent sensitivity.

How do you stop your teeth from hurting after whitening?

In most cases, this sensitivity will only last around 48 hours at most. Using a sensitivity toothpaste (Sensodyne, Colgate sensitive) will help the sensitivity subside quicker. 

A great way is to prevent sensitivity by using custom made whitening trays that will keep your gums from being exposed to whitening agents.

Good Candidates for Professional Teeth Whitening

We recommend our professional teeth whitening services for smokers, coffee, and red wine drinkers as these individuals may have experienced discoloration with their teeth. In-office whitening is the number one option for getting rid of stubborn stains or general yellowing of the teeth. The over-the-counter whitening systems tend not to have immediate results. If you have any questions regarding teeth whitening, our dentists in Lincoln, NE would be happy to help. Just give us a call!

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