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Lincoln Dental Clinics:
Affordable Dentistry

We know and understand that finding affordable dentistry is important. So, we’re here to help. In our article, we’ll cover these topics:

  • Financial Information From Our Lincoln Dental Clinics
  • Flexible Financing and Payment Options
  • How We Can Help You Afford The Dental Care You Need
  • Commonly Asked Questions About Affordable Dental Care and Payment Options

With three children of my own, I understand how quickly time can pass and how busy life gets. It can be easy to put things like doctor visits and dental checkups aside when you’re not experiencing any discomfort. Unfortunately, what many do not realize is that to maintain affordable dentistry, and overall good health, preventative treatment, and proper home care are imperative to prevent a dental emergency.


Cavities don’t hurt, and a common dental disease like periodontal disease can be a “silent killer” to your teeth. Because of this, when your teeth do reach the point of causing you discomfort, it can mean there is a more serious problem that can lead to a dental emergency.


Regular dental cleanings and exams can prevent problems before they begin. A problem with your teeth can mean a significant financial investment as well. Visiting an affordable dentist, such as Coddington Dental, that offers affordable family dentistry and dental office payment plans, can help with the cost. However, many times, emergency dentistry leads to root canals or extractions, which lead to costly dental implants or other large expenses.

I see many patients who have stayed away from the dentist because of fear, finances, or lack of insurance. Preventative care is the least expensive dental care you will ever receive. Whether or not you have insurance, if you come in for your biannual checkups, it gives us the opportunity to keep your teeth clean and detect any potential issues before they cause you discomfort or become a major financial burden.

We offer affordable dentistry with no dental insurance necessary and dental payment plans available for your convenience.

In the end, no matter how affordable dentistry is or what payment plans are available, taking care of your smile from the get-go is a great way to save money on the dental bill. Sometimes dental emergencies are unavoidable, but a toothache or periodontal disease could be caught or even prevented just by visiting us at least twice a year.

– Dr. Ben Joekel

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Lincoln Dental Clinics:
Financial information

We offer competitive prices and convenient payment options for our patients so that you can have the smile you want today, without letting finances limit you. At your appointment, our team will go over your treatment plan, along with your insurance estimate, and cover our available payment options should you need to use one.


Lincoln Dental Clinics:
Affordable Payment Plans

In addition to accepting most major credit cards, checks, and cash, Coddington Dental offers affordable payment plans to make paying for dental treatment obtainable for patients. If you have dental insurance, we will call your insurance to find out your limitations and go over them with you. We will also submit your claims to your insurance company for you. There are also some payment plans available that enable you to split your payments up and spread them out over time making treatment much more obtainable.

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Lincoln Dental Clinics:
Flexible Payments and Financing

We believe finances should not keep you from making excellent dental and oral care decisions. That is why we keep prices reasonable and competitive and provide various convenient payment options. These are perfect for patients with extensive treatment plans.

How Can You Afford Your Needed Dental Treatment?
Our Team Will Help You Afford the Care You Need.

Our friendly staff will work with you to make payment arrangements suited to your needs from a variety of payment options. Whether you are looking to enhance, restore, or rejuvenate your smile, dental visits are an investment important for your well-being. By selecting Coddington Dental, you are choosing a dental team that will provide you with excellent options to achieve your goal at an affordable price.

Here are some commonly asked questions about finding affordable dentistry:

How much does it cost to see a dentist without insurance?

While the cost of dental treatment can vary greatly depending upon the type of services that are needed, going to the dentist without insurance is possible. Some might even say it’s more affordable than they thought. Although not every dentist offers payment options, Coddington Dental provides a handful of convenient payment options, along with access to CareCredit®, and they are a proud partner of Lincoln Dental Plans. Coddington Dental wants you to be able to find an affordable dentist that offers quality care. So, with several payment options to choose from, getting the care you need is easy.

Can I go to the dentist without insurance?

Absolutely! Although many people fear receiving medical care without insurance, ignoring necessary treatment of any kind can be detrimental to your health. Coddington Dental knows that healthcare is expensive, and that’s precisely why we offer affordable dentistry and convenient payment options. No insurance, no problem! We partner with Lincoln Dental Plans, which many say is even better than insurance! One low annual fee, no waiting periods, and emergency dental care are just some of the excellent benefits. Rather pay for your treatment without signing up for Lincoln Dental Plans? We offer a handful of convenient payment options. So, what we’re saying is, no matter what, we’ve got YOU covered!

Do dentists offer payment plans?

Not all dentists offer payment plans. However, Coddington Dental feels that by offering affordable dentistry and a variety of payment options, everyone can get the care they need, when they need it. Life is full of many unknowns, and we know that having money set aside to cover unforeseen dental work isn’t always possible. At Coddington Dental, our priority is your well-being. Getting the dental care you need and deserve shouldn’t be stressful. All you have to do is make an appointment and leave the rest to us!

Payment Options at All Nebraska Family Dentistry Locations Include:

  • Pay As You Go – Pay for your estimated copay in full that day with cash, check, credit card or HSA/FSA.
  • Smile Now, Pay Later with Low Monthly Payments- apply for SunBit with Nebraska Family Dentistry using the direct link on our website: https://nebraskafamilydentistry.com/affordable-dentistry-with-sunbit/
  • 6-12 months 0% financing with a Healthcare Lending Company – Apply for 0% interest on balances over $200 with CareCredit®.

Is dental work cheaper at a dental school?

Receiving dental care from students located at a dental college can be cheaper in some cases. Dental colleges, however, tend to have a longer wait before you can get in to get your work done, or the work you need done may take longer to complete. While there are licensed dentists on staff, typically, students are completing your work. The reason behind this is so that the soon to be dentists have an excellent understanding of the dental field once they have finished dental school. To find an excellent dental college near you, contacting a local dental office such as Coddington Dental can offer excellent advice and guidance.

Are you looking for cheap dental cleanings in Lincoln, NE?

If you are seeking a low-cost dental plan, or maybe you’re looking for a cheap dental cleaning, you might want to consider seeing one of our affordable dentists. If you have dental insurance, your dental cleanings can be free or cost you just a small co-pay.

What’s the cost of a dental cleaning in Lincoln, Nebraska?

On average, the price for a dental cleaning in Lincoln, NE is $90. However, if you have dental insurance, your dental cleanings should be covered at 100%, making them free of charge to you. Free Dental cleanings are allowed under most insurance plans twice a year.

What is the cost of a dental cleaning without dental insurance?

The cost of dental cleaning without dental insurance is around $90. You can, however, have a free dental cleaning by signing up for our low-cost dental plan, Lincoln Dental Plans. When signing up, your routine dental cleanings (as long as you don’t have Periodontal Disease) will be free. Free Dental Cleanings? Yes!

We are PPO providers for most dental insurances and
will also file your insurance for you, no matter what plan you have.

We work with the following insurances and many more:

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Affordable Monthly Payment Options

If you do not have payment options or need help paying for the treatment portion your insurance will not cover, we gladly offer affordable monthly payment plans.

We work with an outside billing service that offers to finance for dental procedures with affordable monthly payments without interest, for up to 12 months. They provide confidential, private financing to our patients by phone or an online approval process with a quick credit check. Many of our patients have found it very comforting to know they can arrange a payment plan. A payment plan allows them to get the smile they deserve today and worry about the payments later. You can click here to apply at CareCredit® from the comfort of your home.

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The information on this page was written by Dr. Ben Joekel.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “My goal as your dentist is to listen to your concerns and needs when it comes to your dental health. Once your concerns are addressed, our goal as a team is to provide you with exceptional care that makes you feel comfortable.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist online 24/7 at his West Lincoln Location of Nebraska Family Dentistry. This Lincoln, NE dentist serves the local communities in Garland, Pleasant Dale, Denton, Crete, Milford, Hickman, Roca, Martell, and Panama.

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