Non-removable denture option “Hybrid Prosthesis” by Dr. Brad Alderman

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Brad Alderman has gained comprehensive experience in helping patients that need extensive dental procedures 

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Do you need all of your teeth fixed and you don’t know where to start?

In our article we’ll cover:

1. What is a full mouth rehabilitation?

2. What you should expect if you choose to fix all of your teeth?

3. What are the steps included in a full mouth restoration?

When you are facing multiple dental problems, it can be overwhelming to consider the time and cost it may take to address all of the issues. Full mouth rehabilitation can be achieved through placement of traditional restorative methods like fillings, crowns, implants, dentures or hybrid prosthesis. It is a good idea to have a comprehensive evaluation with gentle family dentist near me, Dr. Brad Alderman, to diagnose dental conditions and help you determine what treatment options are right for you.

Patients who suffer from jaw and biting problems, gum and bone disease, who have poorly fitting dentures or partials, severe and widespread tooth decay or have loose teeth or are missing several teeth can benefit from full mouth rehabilitation. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation to explore your options to restore your dental health.

If you know anyone that is embarrassed about losing their teeth or needs extensive improvement to their smile, please refer them to Dr. Brad Alderman for a consultation at any of our Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

What is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?
Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

For patients who are ready to transform their smiles, there are several options available to rehabilitate all of the teeth, restoring function and aesthetic. There are many treatment options available to achieve the smile you deserve, including crowns, veneers, implants, cosmetic dentures and hybrid prosthesis.

Treatment options can vary greatly depending on a patient’s needs and expectations. Our clinical team lead by Dr. Brad Alderman will perform a comprehensive assessment of the teeth, bone, and gums to help patients determine which options will give them the most longevity and most pleasing cosmetic results.

non-removable denture option Dr.Brad Alderman Lincoln,NE

Same-Day-Smile, An Excellent Option for Replacing All Teeth

Same Day Smile is Non- removable denture option. Same-Day-Smile is also called  “Hybrid Prosthesis” or Implant Permanent Bridges.

Patients who are currently wearing dentures have already removed all of the teeth in one or both arches or plan to make the transition to complete replacement of teeth can receive a Same-Day-Smile through the placement of a hybrid prosthesis.

What can I expect?

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

Our team lead by Dr. Brad Alderman works closely with skilled oral surgeons at NOFS (Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery) to place four to six implants in each arch. Temporary bridgework or interim bridges are placed over the implants the same day. After the implants have fully integrated into the jawbone, permanent bridges are affixed to the implants, giving patients a strong chewing foundation and the most natural-looking total tooth replacement option available.

Patients who have suffered from chronic gum and bone disease and have loose or aching teeth, or who already wear dentures and are not satisfied with the current chewing function or aesthetics they have with traditional dentures have the option to restore their self-confidence by re-designing their smile.

Dr.Brad Alderman Non-removable denture option Lincoln, NE

“We know patients have busy lives, both professionally and personally. Often it is just not possible for them to go without teeth. We have seen what a difference the hybrid prosthesis has made in the lives of many of our patients. Getting rid of poorly-fitting or uncomfortable dentures or unhealthy teeth elevates self-esteem while allowing patients to enjoy healthy foods and improve the quality of their lives. We are here to help to regain the confidence, ability to chew and to help you to become healthier.” – Dr. Brad Alderman

What are the phases of making non-removable denture option “Hybrid Prosthesis?”

– Phase 1 –

Teeth extractions and implant placement by oral surgeons at NOFS. Same-day temporary bridges or interim dentures are placed over the implants. The implants are allowed to heal during a 4 month period.

– Phase 2 –

Subsequent appointments are required to place a metal bar that is used to distribute biting forces evenly across the implants and attach the bridgework. At this stage, the new teeth can be tried in and any adjustments patients would like to make to the appearance can be finalized with the lab.

– Phase 3 –

Final delivery of the permanent non-removable porcelain bridge restoration-Hybrid Prosthesis.

FAQ About the Non-Removable “Denture Option” (Hybrid Prosthesis)

Q: How do I clean a non-removable denture option like the “Hybrid Prosthesis”?

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: A non-removable denture option such as the “Hybrid Prosthesis,” is cleaned and maintained similarly to natural teeth. It is recommended to use a Waterpik and soft toothbrush to clean your hybrids at home. Be sure to see your Lincoln, NE dentist every six months for routine maintenance, exams and X-rays to ensure the implants supporting your hybrid stay healthy.  Hybrids are similar to natural dentition and do not need to be removed at night or to be cleaned.

Q: Can I eat crunchy foods with a non-removable denture option like the “Hybrid Prosthesis”? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: A non-removable denture option, like the “Hybrid Prosthesis,” allows patients to bite and chew normally, which allows you to enjoy foods without shifting or falling out like traditional dentures.

Q: Are Hybrids (non-removable denture option) more comfortable than traditional dentures? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: The non-removable denture option, or “Hybrid Prosthesis,” does not rest against tissues like traditional dentures. Thus, they rarely cause irritations or sores in the mouth. The implants that support hybrids, allow better distribution of forces during chewing. In turn, this makes them more comfortable than traditional dentures.

Q: What makes Hybrids more permanent than dentures? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: Dental implants keep the bone in the jaw active. Thus, preventing bone loss that naturally occurs after teeth are taken out. Unlike traditional dentures that must be relined or re-made every several years to re-fit the constantly changing bone levels, hybrid bridgework rarely needs to be replaced.

Q: Do I need to use certain products to be able to wear the non-removable denture option, the Hybrid Prosthesis? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: Because the bridgework is secured to implants, there is no need to use denture adhesives or other products used to clean or store dentures. It is recommended to use a Waterpik to maintain the hybrid and keep gums and tissues healthy.

Q: I have a strong gag reflex and cannot tolerate a traditional denture. Will non-removable denture option, the “Hybrid Prosthesis,” rest against the roof of my mouth? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: Hybrids are less bulky than dentures and do not rest against the palate at all. This allows you to sense temperatures of food and taste normally, unlike with traditional upper dentures.

Q: How long can I expect my non-removable denture option “Hybrid Prosthesis” to last? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: Hybrids have extremely high success rates. Typically hybrids last longer than 10 years. There are some factors that can influence success rates of hybrids. Smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, not following post-operative instructions or dietary restrictions, patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or other specific medical conditions can affect the longevity of your hybrids.

Q: Does it hurt to get the implants placed? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: The oral surgeon can offer various sedation options for your during the surgery to take out teeth and place implants. Afterwards, you can expect some discomfort as with any surgery. We will give you medication to help ease your discomfort during this time. Any discomfort usually lasts just a few days and is minimal.

Q: Should I take time off of work? 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: It is a good idea to take a few days off to relax after your surgery. However, if you are in generally good health and feeling great, you can return to work the next day.

Q: Are there any follow-up visits after implant placement?  

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

A: The oral surgeon would like to assess your healing 10-14 days after placement to ensure everything is healing correctly. At this time, the surgeon will also make sure there are no signs of complications. Most of the time, the implant success with Non- removable denture option “Hybrid Prosthesis” is about 90%.