Experiencing a Lost Crown?

What to do immediately after a dental incident:

If you need immediate dental care,

please call 402-840-9783.


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Did you lose your crown or cap?

Most of the time, a filling or a crown falls out while eating or chewing gum. Losing a filling or crown can cause the tooth to become sensitive and vulnerable. Usually, it is decay beneath the crown or filling that causes it to become loose or fall out. Decay changes the shape of the tooth which compromises the fit of the filling or crown. If no treatment is performed, the tooth will become more sensitive or infected as debris and bacteria come in contact with it. Teeth have the ability to shift if a crown is left out of the mouth for too long.

Steps to take if a crown becomes loose or falls out:

  1. First, call our office or our emergency dentist number (if after regular business hours) if you have a lost filling or crown and are in severe pain. If you are not in severe pain, call our office so we can get you in at your convenience.
  2. If you’ve lost a crown, be sure to clean it the best you can and keep it in a safe place. It is possible the crown can be cemented back on the tooth. If you lose a filling, clove oil can be placed on the tooth (avoid your gums) to help relieve sensitivity.
  3. Your emergency dentist will evaluate the tooth with the lost filling to determine the cause. They will either place a new filling or go over other recommended treatment options. If you have a lost crown, your emergency dentist will try to recement to the tooth. This is usually possible if the tooth is not decayed or broken. If decay is present, your dentist will remove it, and place a new filling or crown. If the decay is too extensive or deep, a root canal treatment may be recommended.


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What happens if I loose a filling?

If you lose a filling, call our emergency dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are a couple of short-term remedies you can try. Go to your local pharmacy, and pick up some over-the-counter dental cements. These dental cements can be used as a temporary fix. This or toothpaste can be used to temporarily fix the crown in place while you await your appointment. DO NOT use glue or any other type of non-dental material to place the crown back on your tooth. For an even shorter term remedy, you may use sugar-free gum to cover the cavity. Be sure it is sugar-free gum because any sugar entering a cavity can cause severe pain. Remember, cavities left untreated can develop into more serious problems, including loss of the tooth.



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