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Treatment Options
for Loose Dentures

Do you have loose dentures?

Over time, continuous pressure on the gum tissue and jawbone from complete dentures results in bone loss and shrinking tissue. This shrinking leads to loose fitting dentures. Whether or not a new set of removable complete dentures depends on how much a patient’s gum tissue and bone has changed.

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Some questions arise to help determine good option to stabilize a patient’s dentures

  • Is the patient satisfied with the appearance of the denture teeth?
  • Is the bite functional with loose dentures?
  • Can the patient chew and talk properly with loose dentures?

Solutions for Loose Dentures at Coddington Dental

Your denture dentist at Coddington Dental will help you assess if it is more beneficial to reline your existing loose dentures or have a new set made.

Temporary reline

A temporary reline requires adding a layer of material on the inside of the denture while the patient is in the dentist’s chair. This technique involves an impression that hardens and fills the void created by the bone loss. A temporary reline will stabilize the patient’s denture for a short period. This material is  the easiest solution for loose dentures

Permanent Reline

A permanent reline also requires adding a layer of material on the inside of the denture while the patient is in the chair. The denture is then sent to a dental laboratory to replace this material with pink denture plastic. A “permanent reline” is longer lasting than a temporary reline but requires the patient to be without a denture for a couple of days.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are usually an excellent option to stabilize a loose denture. These implants will also prevent any further bone loss in a patient’s jawbone.

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New Dentures

If a reline will not help a patient’s loose denture, it’ll become more stable then a new set of dentures are needed. Also, poor aesthetics are another reason for a new set of dentures.

Despite the efforts of your dentist, satisfaction cannot be guaranteed for the fit and function of previously loose dentures. If you have major bone loss, it may be a good idea to consider a reline option temporarily.

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Dental implants can successfully support a new set of dentures. There are some options including as few as two implants to provide stability for a denture. Many patients find implants to be a reasonable and realistic solution for their loose dentures.

Treatment for a loose denture improves biting, talking, and smiling and ultimately self-confidence. For more information about treatment for your loose denture, give one of our Lincoln family dentists a call today!

You can also find our more about implant dentures here.

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