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There are multitudes of ways to replace missing teeth or teeth that need to be removed. The most advanced procedure today for replacing missing teeth is the placement of dental implants or implant dentures. While there are plenty of other procedures that can replace missing teeth, an implant retained denture is regarded as an excellent permanent option for teeth replacement.

An implant retained denture is secured by a few dental implants positioned perfectly in your jawbone to give you just the amount of support your denture needs to stay in place.




What are the advantages of implant retained dentures?

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Denture Stability

An implant retained denture gives you the ability to replace your missing teeth and have the confidence to smile without worrying about your denture falling out. The implants stabilize the denture allowing you to chew, talk, and smile comfortably.

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Prevent Changing Face Shape

An implant retained denture using four implants per dental arch (four on the upper and four on the lower) will keep your jawbone intact. This can help prevent your face from having a sunken appearance that one can get with conventional dentures over time. Conventional dentures do not preserve bone structure as there is nothing in the jawbone to retain the bone structure. On the other hand, research has shown deterioration in the facial structure in some patients because too many implants – usually 8-10 – actually alter the root system in the jawbone. The implant retained denture procedure can provide a steady balance and help preserve your facial structure to maintain a full, beautiful, and healthy smile.

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Don’t worry about Your Teeth Falling Out

The implant retained denture procedure gives you the confidence to chew without worry. Once secured with four implants, the denture is held in place permanently. You can bite into all your favorite foods without having to worry about your teeth shifting or, even worse, coming out!

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Teeth for Life

Because these implants are made of a high-grade titanium material and are integrated into your bone, they can give you a lifetime of stability. Taking proper care of your denture is imperative for them lasting a lifetime. With proper home care, your implant retained dentures can be the perfect teeth replacement option. This is beneficial not only for your health and comfort but also for your wallet!

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Costs are Less than Other Dental Implant Procedures

Soon after your treatment, you’ll be free to eat your favorite foods, laugh more, and of course, smile more. Never again will you worry about denture adhesive! Instead, you will enjoy your beautiful new smile for the rest of your life!

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Commonly Asked Questions about Implant Retained Dentures

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Can smokers have implant retained dentures?


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