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We understand that making any decision involving your health can be overwhelming especially when it comes to the replacement of teeth. If you are considering replacements like the Hybrid Prosthesis, we know you’ll likely have questions. We understand and we’re here to help. Our article at a glance will cover:

  • What is a Hybrid Prosthesis?


  • What are the benefits of a Hybrid Prosthesis?


  • What’s involved when getting a Hybrid Prosthesis? 


  • What does a hybrid denture cost?

Hybrid Prosthesis: What is it? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE explain…

A Hybrid Prosthesis is an implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis that is an excellent choice for edentulous patients. The Hybrid Prosthesis from an affordable dentist in Lincoln, NE a is a top solution for dental cases that need extreme restoration. The Hybrid Prosthesis is superior for restoring functions such as chewing and speech. Also, the Hybrid Prosthesis can restore your overall aesthetic appearance.

Teeth-in-One-Day from Dentists Nearby

Can you picture starting your day with dentures and coming home that night with permanent teeth? Permanent teeth that are not only held in place but also give you a natural-looking smile again? Imagine no more infected or broken teeth, constant dental discomfort, or feeling embarrassed about smiling. For many people, this is a new reality that can take place if they make an appointment with a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Coddington Dental.

Image of a patient with a Hybrid prosthesis in Lincoln, NE at Coddington Dental.

We’re excited to introduce a new revolutionary procedure, Hybrid Prosthesis or “Teeth-in-One-Day!” Our dentists have teamed up with oral surgeons at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery to simplify this process for you. Thanks to advanced computer-guided treatment planning and surgical techniques we, along with our partners at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery, can provide patients immediate implant restorations, making the Hybrid Prosthesis one of the top tooth replacement options.

If you have heard that you need dentures or are unhappy with your dentures, we encourage you to try this alternative treatment. Call us today for a consult appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for a Hybrid Prosthesis in Lincoln, NE. An article published in the European Journal of Dentistry has great information along with images to help illustrate the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure.

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What is a Hybrid Prosthesis? Are there Dentists nearby who offers the Hybrid Prosthesis? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE explain…

Hybrid Prosthesis involves replacing missing teeth with the support of multiple dental implants. With a Hybrid Prosthesis, you can have teeth that function and look like natural teeth. Patients with who’ve undergone Hybrid Prosthesis will never have to remove their replacement teeth for cleaning because of their new teeth clean like natural teeth.

Due to the strength of the replacement teeth and stabilization provided by the implants, you can leave your appointment with a new smile. The entire procedure is complete in one day. Your new set of teeth will look completely natural and will allow you to experience the food and activities you love without too much lost time. Patients may experience sensitivity the day following the procedure and can eat a soft food diet immediately after the procedure. Patients can even return to work within a few days following the procedure.

If you know anyone embarrassed about losing their teeth or someone who needs extensive improvements to their smile, please refer them to Dr. Brad Alderman for a consultation at any of our Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

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Benefits of Hybrid Prosthesis

Some of the advantages of Hybrid Prosthesis include never having to experience the crippling effects of loose dentures, messy adhesives, removing teeth at night, slipping during speaking or smiling, or the bad breath associated with dentures. Also, a Hybrid Prosthesis has a short recovery time, is easily cleaned, lets you eat your favorite foods, and has long-term success.

Image of a happy couple from Coddington Dental who invested in the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure.

How Can You Have Teeth-in-One-Day?

Nearly all of our patients can be a candidate for teeth-in-one-day. Almost 90 percent of patients who have heard they are not candidates for traditional dental implants may qualify for this less invasive procedure. The ideal candidates for teeth-in-one-day are patients currently wearing dentures or who need to have their teeth removed.

Preparation will consist of the oral surgeon taking a CAT scan of your jawbone. A CAT scan allows us to craft and plan the implant placement without you sitting in our chair.

The Procedure

Teeth-in-one-day takes about two hours per arch, and because you’re under sedation, the procedure will be over in a flash. You’ll wake up with multiple implants placed by your oral surgeon, then your dentist at Coddington Dental will complete your transformed smile with temporary teeth that look identical to the permanent teeth you’ll receive after you’ve fully healed.

The Check-ups

We will request to see you for a few check-ups following your procedure to check in on your healing process. Your initial investment includes check-ups.

Permanent Teeth

After your mouth has fully healed, we replace your temporary teeth with your new permanent teeth, which is a similar procedure to having a temporary tooth cap replaced with a permanent crown.

Beyond All Expectations: Attend a consultation with Our Team
Our dentists at Coddington Dental and the oral surgeons at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery have years of experience. Every dental implant procedure starts with a consultation where a customized treatment plan will be created just for you.

What is the best denture on the market and its cost?

Here we’ll explain what’s included in the cost of the Hybrid Prosthesis: Teeth-in-One-Day.

The investment for a Hybrid Prosthesis includes the cost of surgery, temporary implant bridges, and permanent Hybrid Prosthesis. All fees for your Coddington Dental implants and Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery oral surgery and implants are combined and will not change. The entire process is one fee, which includes follow-up appointments. You’ll know how much your new smile will cost during your consultation, and that number won’t change.

We offer financing options for patients who qualify and will do everything within our power to make treatment affordable. Schedule a consultation appointment today so that you can make an informed decision about an excellent path for you.

Why Choose us?


–  1  –

Professional Care

Our team’s inclusive approach saves you time and gives you an investment that is predictable and affordable. Most dental implant procedures require multiple visits to a trained professional, each with an additional fee, but with our team, everything is done locally in Lincoln, NE, with one fixed cost.

–  2  –
One Day Smile Transformation

Thanks to the Hybrid Prosthesis multiple implant approaches and our all-inclusive approach, patients can leave with a fully functioning smile in one day. After the implants heal, patients return to receive their beautiful permanent teeth.

–  3  –
Full Sedation

Instead of using local anesthesia, Nebraska Oral Surgery sedation uses full IV sedation to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Sedation dentistry near me is possible when having a restorative procedure such as Teeth-in-One-Day.

–  4  –
A Solution that can Last a Lifetime

Bridges, crowns, and dentures typically last 5-10 years. Implant dentures are a permanent solution to missing or failing teeth.

–  5  –
Implants that Act like Natural Teeth

After your treatment, you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods, laugh more, and smile more. Never again will you have to worry about denture adhesive! Instead, you can enjoy your beautiful new smile for the rest of your life!