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1. What is a Google Dentist Review?

2. Are They Important?

3. How can I find the best dentist in Lincoln, NE?

Google reviews help increase visibility, but the biggest thing that reviews can do is build credibility and trust. Both qualities are desired by patients, consumers, entrepreneurs, and the like. From buying a house to completing a medical procedure, reviews are raw, un-edited consumer-based information that can help you make an informed decision about a product or service. Read our dentist reviews if you are looking for a “dentist near me” in Lincoln, NE area.

What if you search Google for: “How do I find the best dentist in my area?Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

While everyone has different qualities that define “best,” it’s always a good idea to ask around. Talk to those you know. Many times, great recommendations can come by word of mouth. You can also look online for Google reviews. Online reviews can offer great information about a particular person (in this case, a dentist) or a service.

The American Dental Association (ADA) offers these suggestions:

  1. Ask family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations in finding the best dentist in your area.
  2. Ask your family doctor or local pharmacist.
  3. If you’re moving, ask your Lincoln, NE dentist for a recommendation
  4. Check out Find the Dentist Near Me Directory in Your Area

How do I choose a dentist? Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains…

Choosing a dentist can sometimes be tricky. It might be that you have to shop around a bit. If you completed a visit with a dental provider and felt that they didn’t mesh with your personality, or offer the qualities you were hoping to find, keep shopping. In the end, you need to find a dental provider that provides quality care and the services that are important to you. There is nothing to be ashamed of if it takes time to find the right provider. Be an honest advocate for yourself – you deserve to feel comfortable while receiving quality care.

Look for things such as whether or not a perspective dentist offers conscious sedation in dentistry if perhaps you have a dental phobia. Maybe look for evening or weekend hours if you travel for work and are gone frequently. Another thing to look for is payment options. Perhaps you already know you need an extensive amount of dental work and it would be more feasible for you if you had payment options. While these are only a few of the things you should look for, we think it’s a great start.

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Dentist Reviews: See What the Community is Saying About Our Lincoln, NE Dentists

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Some of Our Patient Reviews



“I recently moved to Lincoln and was looking for a new dentist. I was worried I would not receive as good service as I did from my last dentist but I was pleasantly proven wrong! The staff at the office make it the best dental clinic. They explain everything very well and are very attentive. I look forward to being their patient for many years.”

– Nancy E.
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“Love Coddington Dental!”


“There are so many people that dread going to the dentist. I use to be one of those people until I found Coddington Dental. I love walking in and be greeted with smiling faces and positive attitudes. The staff are kind, caring, compassionate and always willing to take the time to listen and address any concerns you may have. Dr. Alderman and staff always talk you through the process of your treatment before hand and also during the procedure. This makes any anxiety I have immediately go away. In all my years of go to the dentist, I would have to say this is the only place I have been comfortable. I don’t dread going to the dentist anymore! This is the best dentist office”

– Jenny I.
Verified Patient on Google Reviews
for dentist reviews

You may Google: What are the qualities of the most recommended dentist? Common personality traits of a good and most recommended dentist are:

  • Comfortable with close personal interaction…
  • Trustworthy and ethical
  • Non-judgemental
  • A detail-oriented person…
  • Artistic…
  • Gentle during treatment
  • Kind and Empathetic…
  • Excited about the profession of dentistry…
  • Passionate about providing care and helping patients to feel comfortable in a dental chair

“Super Friendly”


“All of the staff is super friendly and very nice!! I am very scared of the dentist, but they really do care and help you feel better. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get a goodie bag at the end of my appointment full of toothbrushes and such. The best dental experience and should be top-rated clinic.

– Heather B.
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“Lost my dental phobia!”


“All my life I’ve dreaded going to the dentist but not anymore. Everyone is so friendly, gentle and eager to please and I appreciate that. It puts me at ease.”

– Linda S.
Verified Patient at Patient Activator
dentist reviews

“Very Professional and Friendly”


“I’ve been going there since 2006 and love their professionalism here, and wouldn’t switch to another dentist even though I live about 25 minutes away. The dentists are the best and they always greet you by your first name, handshake and ask you about your family.”

– Samia A.
Verified Patient on 
Google Reviews for dentist reviews

Best Dentists in Lincoln

Wonderful, As Always”


“I always have had great experiences at this office. Megan and Dr. Ben had a great sense of humor and helped me feel comfortable with the routine cleaning and exam. Megan has a very gentle touch and does an amazing job letting me know what she’s going to do next. It’s very soothing.”

– Kylie S.
Verified Patient at Patient Activator

“This dental office is the best dentist I have ever been to


“This dental office is the best dentist I have ever been to. From the compassionate and understanding front line staff to the great hygienists and dentists you can’t go wrong. This dental practice has reversed my fear of going to the dentist. I now look forward to going!”

– Travis U.
Verified Patient on Google Reviews for dentist reviews

“From our family to the Coddington Dental staff….a big thx!!!”


Our family has been going to Nebraska Family Denistry, the Coddington West location, for a long time now for everything…cleanings, crowns, fillings, a bridge for my husband. They have been absolutely the best dental office and caring to work with. Dr Day is the best dentist ! She always takes the time to explain what will be happening, what is happening, and what to expect in the future. That is so important to us!! From our family to the Coddington Dental staff….a big thx!!!

– Luanne C.
Verified Patient on Google Reviews for dentist reviews

“Great Place- Best Dentist Office”


“Great Place. I’ve been going here for over 9 years and have nothing but good things to say. Cleanings to fillings they always ensure comfort and care for their clients. “

– Britni K.
Verified Patient on Google Reviews for dentist reviews

“Love this best dentist office!”


” Everything about this office is great. I love being a patient here!”

– Elizabeth C..
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Disclaimer: Characteristics for the “best” and “top-rated” dentists vary for each patient. You can also find our dentist reviews by checking the review sites that collect independent dentist reviews. Our dentists did not collect these reviews. They were added to the websites directly by the verified patient.

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The information on this page was collected by Dr. Ben Joekel.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “My goal as your dentist is to listen to your concerns and needs when it comes to your dental health. Once your concerns are addressed, our goal as a team is to provide you with exceptional care that makes you feel comfortable.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist online 24/7 at his West Lincoln Location of Nebraska Family Dentistry. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities in Garland, Pleasant Dale, Denton, Crete, Milford, Hickman, Roca, Martell, and Panama.

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