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At our West Lincoln Dental Clinic, we perform many dental services from routine dental cleaningscrowns, and bridges, all the way to full-mouth restorations. All of these are procedures can have a significant impact on a person’s confidence and overall well-being. Even routine dental cleanings can have an impact on overall health. Early detection is key to preventing major problems. 


For those who have had a bit more than regular dental cleanings, such as a crown or bridge, you know that putting time and money into either procedure has more than likely been an excellent investment; not only for the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but also a likely boost in self-confidence. Last but not least, you may have unknowingly given your overall health an immense boost. Ridding your mouth of infection or decay and adding a stable structure so you can eat healthy items, is a definite advantage to both a crown or a bridge.


Is a dental bridge better than a dental crown? The differences between a dental crown and a dental bridge – Your Lincoln dentist near me explains…

crown is just what it implies. It’s a “cap” for a tooth. A crown is often placed to help strengthen an existing tooth, therefore allowing you to maintain your natural tooth/teeth. If you’ve ever had a root canal, you more than likely had a crown placed after root canal therapy. A crown can also be used in completing cosmetic cases, too. Crowns are a great way to preserve natural tooth structure and maintain a beautiful, natural smile.


What about a dental bridge? What exactly is a bridge? When anyone thinks of a bridge, probably the most common thing that comes to mind is a bridge that you can drive your car on or a bridge you can walk over. A bridge, in simplified terms, can be defined as a structure that closes a gap between two pieces of land which could be over a river, a railroad, or maybe even a ravine. A bridge used on land is very similar to a dental bridge that is used in the mouth.


How do dental bridges work? In short, a dental bridge can close the gap between adjacent teeth. For example, if a person has lost a tooth and has healthy teeth on either side of the space where the tooth has been lost, a bridge can be fabricated. Using a bridge to close a gap can be a great option. When using a bridge; however, the teeth on either side of the open space must be prepared as they will now be the area of support for your new bridge. A bridge may need future adjustments, and because there is no implant placed where the tooth was lost, bone is not preserved. While there may be a few things to consider before getting a bridge, do know that it is a great option and has been a “go-to” option in dentistry for many years.

How many teeth can be on a bridge? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…

A bridge is made up of two natural-looking crowns one on each tooth on either side of the gap — these two anchoring teeth with crowns are called abutment teeth — and a false tooth in between called a cantilever crown. An excellent dental bridge that is properly fabricated, should have no more than three crowns connected together.

When is a dental bridge a good choice? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


There are clear benefits to dental bridges. This type of prosthesis (false replacement) can be fabricated within one to two weeks and provides normal shape, function (eating, talking and smiling), comfort, aesthetics, and health. A dental bridge can be a great option for certain teeth when patients do not have adequate bone, do not have active gum disease, or untreated cavities. 

However, FPDs (dental bridges) can fail over time.  If not well maintained, the dental bridge can act as reservoirs for bacteria and can develop cavities.  As a result, the abutment teeth, or teeth supporting the bridge can become weak and cause the bridge to fail.  The average life of a dental bridge is 7 years.

professional teeth whitening patient with sensitive teeth

What can go wrong with a dental bridge? Common problems with a dental bridge explained by a dentist in Lincoln, NE. 


Dental bridges are harder to clean and maintain than regular crowns and fillings. If a bridge does not fit properly or is not cleaned regularly, plaque and bacteria can enter and cause cavities underneath the bridge. When this happens, the whole bridge is compromised and needs to be replaced.

The reason behind sensitive teeth or pain with a new dental bridge placement? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


Anytime teeth are prepared for a crown or a bridge, it’s just like performing surgery on a tooth. The nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed and irritated from the procedure. This inflammation is what contributes to the sensitivity experienced after crown and bridge placement. Just like any other part of the body, the nerve needs to go through the healing process. When it heals, the sensitivity subsides.

What is the cost estimate for dental bridges near me in Lincoln, NE area? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


The cost estimate for bridges depends upon certain factors, the types of materials used, your dental insurance plan, and the dentist you see. If you are looking for a better estimate for dental work such as a bridge, consider coming to our affordable dental clinic in Lincoln, NE. Our dental clinic accepts all major insurances. In addition, our affordable dentists near me also offer dental payment plans with flexible payment options for patients.  


If you do not have dental insurance, no problem! We offer dental payment plans to help make the treatment you deserve, even more affordable.


If you do have dental insurance, most plans cover about 50% of the cost of dental bridges. Schedule your appointment online 24/7 Come see what we have to offer. We gladly offer estimates for bridgework.

Do you need root canal treatment before a dental bridge? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


Typically, teeth do not need a root canal prior to having a crown or a bridge placed. If a tooth has a deep cavity and the patient is experiencing a toothache, the tooth will most likely need a root canal before crown and bridgework.

Is it better to have a dental bridge versus an implant? Dental bridge vs implant: which option is better? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


Every situation is different and some patients may not be a good candidate for one of the options. A dental bridge requires placing crowns on the two adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth. A set of three crowns is placed onto the prepared teeth with a floating crown attached in the middle that rests on the tissue in the area of the missing. Typically, a dental implant is a more permanent and lifelong option. It is also the strongest option, which most closely resembles a natural tooth.

Is it better to have a dental bridge versus an implant? Dental bridge vs implant: which option is better? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


Every situation is different and some patients may not be a good candidate for one of the options. A dental bridge requires placing crowns on the two adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth. A set of three crowns is placed onto the prepared teeth with a floating crown attached in the middle that rests on the tissue in the area of the missing. Typically, a dental implant is a more permanent and lifelong option. It is also the strongest option, which most closely resembles a natural tooth.

Dental Implant:

  • A dental implant is a titanium post that is integrated into the bone and has a crown screwed into it.

  • Dental implants can be brushed, flossed, and taken care of just like any other tooth.

  • Dental implants never get cavities and can last the duration of a patients’ life. 
  • A dental implant also preserves bone, whereas a bridge doesn’t.

Dental Bridge: 

  • Dental bridge is a good alternative option, but isn’t a permanent solution to missing teeth.

  • Teeth can still get cavities underneath a dental bridge and a dental bridge always has the risk of failure and needing replacement in the future.

  • Bridges do not stop the bone resorption and the bone underneath of the center of the bridge will resorb over time.

Let’s Compare:
Dental Bridge versus Dental Implants

Comparison: Bridge Implants
Basic Information to help you make an Informed Decision! Used to bridge the gap created by missing teeth. An excellent long-term solution to replace missing teeth.
Longevity: 7 – 30 Years Lifetime
Preservation of healthy adjacent teeth: No Yes
Transmission of force to: Adjacent Teeth Bone
Prevent bone loss & preserve the facial appearance: Partially Yes
A requirement for daily flossing: Yes Yes
Risk of developing cavities: Yes No
Accelerated loss of adjacent teeth: Yes No
The time needed to complete the procedure: 2 – 3 Weeks 3 – 6 Months

What are the different types of dental bridges? Are you looking for metal-free or nickel-free bridges? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


We offer the following materials for dental crowns and bridges, which are all biologically compatible and safe for our patients. Types of safe, durable, and compatible dental material we use are: Zirconia or Emax.

Are dental bridges good? What can go wrong with a dental bridge? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


Dental bridges are good and make an excellent option for those looking to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their smile. One thing to remember is that for anyone who has a dental bridge, good oral hygiene is a must. A cavity can start under the bridge and the best way to preserve the bridge and give it a longer life is to floss under it daily.

What is a bonded dental bridge? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…


A bonded dental bridge is typically used to replace a missing tooth in less time. Generally, a bonded dental bridge will cost less than a porcelain bridge or an implant. Another name for a bonded bridge is the Maryland bridge. This type of bridge is commonly used as a temporary bridge as it can become loose easily. For a more permanent solution, it is better to use a porcelain fixed bridge.


Ultimately, it is always best to discuss any treatment options that could affect your oral and overall health with your dentist. Everyone is different, and because a bridge may be an excellent option for one patient, it does not mean it will be a good option for the next patient. Many factors are taken into consideration when making decisions regarding your oral health. Do also keep in mind that oral health can indeed affect overall health, so it’s critical that you fully understand all of your choices and their possible consequences.  

Interested in getting a bridge but have dental phobia? Our team at Nebraska Family Dentistry, Coddington Dental, offers “affordable sedation dentistry near me.” Sedation dentistry is an extremely safe option that can allow you to get the dental care you need from a dentist in Lincoln, NE.

If you still have questions, our dentists nearby at Coddington Dental would be honored to help you!


Best wishes for a happy mouth. Remember, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!

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The information on this page was written by Your Lincoln dentist, Dr. Benjamin Joekel.


This compassionate dentist in Lincoln, NE says:


“My goal as your dentist is to listen to your concerns and address your needs when it comes to your dental health. Once your concerns are addressed, our goal as a dental team is to provide you with exceptional care that makes you feel comfortable. Outside of my family, my patients are my priority. I want all of my patients to leave the office with a smile, knowing that their dental team cares for them as an individual and wants only what is excellent for their oral and overall health.”

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