Fixing cavities: How to prevent them


Fixing cavities:
How to prevent them

Almost everyone (more than 90% of people in North America) suffers from dental cavities (decay), including children. The reason we get cavities is that our mouths have many bacteria and a portion of it being an inflammation starter.

But some bacteria convert the sugar into acid, which then attacks the tooth structure, leading to cavities. The terrible thing about cavities is that pain isn’t experienced until the decay has progressed to the nerve. At this point, it is usually too late to place a filling and tooth needs a root canal. A damaged tooth cannot be regenerated, only repaired. Thus, regular dental examinations are all more necessary. The earlier your Lincoln dentists Dr. Jodi Day and Dr. Brad Alderman can discover the cavity or cavities, the quicker and easier it can treat, and root canal avoided.

Best Solutions:

• Schedule regular dental exams to detect caries early so the problem can be fixed. Caries can progress very rapidly and what could of fix with a simple filling may progress to needing more expensive and extensive treatment such as a root canal.

• Don’t wait to come in until you have pain! A small, simple cavity is usually painless. If a tooth starts hurting, there is probably a more severe problem that will require more than just a filling.

• Brush twice a day.

• Floss Regularly.

• Rinsing with a mouthwash approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

• Use sugarless gum after meals. It has Xylitol which can reduce bacterial load and stimulate salivary flow, which helps to eliminate bacterial load as well.

• Do not drink soda drinks as soda has a lot of acids that will lead to tooth structure loss.

• Eat plenty of calcium- rich foods, such low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Dental cleanings are a great way to prevent cavities, visit the link here to learn more about cleaning.

Also feel Free to contact us for any more information about cavities or amongst the lines of cavities. Our Lincoln Dentists could provide exclusive information about cavities.



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