Chipped or Broken Front Tooth Emergency?

Four Great Solutions for Fixing a Broken or Chipped Front Tooth We know self-esteem is important and we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll answer the following questions: If you have a chip on your teeth, is there a fix? We have solutions. Which option is the better choice for fixing chips? Some options are better than… Continue reading Chipped or Broken Front Tooth Emergency?

Vitamin D Miracles

What are the oral health benefits of vitamin D? What role does vitamin D play in our oral health? The benefits might surprise you. Here our affordable dentist in Lincoln, NE will cover these important topics: What are vitamin D receptors, where can they be found, and what does vitamin D actually do? What does… Continue reading Vitamin D Miracles

Teeth whitening at home

 Teeth Whitening at Home: The Do’s and Don’ts from Your Lincoln Family Dentist. Answers to 5 commonly asked questions about teeth whitening at home: We’ll tell you what you need to know! -What is the best active ingredient for teeth whitening at home? -Can the ingredients in teeth whitening at home products make my teeth… Continue reading Teeth whitening at home

Teeth Whitening

Interested in tooth stain removal in Lincoln, NE? Let One of Our Gentle Family Dentists Nearby in Lincoln, NE Help You. Here we’ll cover what we know is important: – Why might my teeth be stained?– Can my teeth be whitened? – Will whitening my teeth remove all of the stains? Why would you want… Continue reading Teeth Whitening

Time for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening Options We’ll cover the basics here: Why might you need to whiten your teeth?  Is teeth whitening for everyone?  Your teeth whitening options explained! Some people have been blessed with a naturally white smile, but if you weren’t one of them, don’t worry, you have options. There are plenty of ways that you… Continue reading Time for Teeth Whitening?