Broken Dentures: We can help!

Broken Dentures

What can you do? Is there a dentist in Lincoln, NE who can fix broken dentures?

Here we’ll cover some of the most common topics for you including:

  • Is there an emergency broken denture repair center in Lincoln, NE?
  • What is the best home broken denture repair kit? 
  • Helpful things to keep in mind when it comes to your dentures.

Are you in need of finding a “dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” to help fix your broken dentures? What’s worse is that broken dentures always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. Endlessly paying for denture repairs or replacements is not ideal and is expensive. When dentures break, it is essential to repair them right away. Let’s take a look at why dentures break and how you can repair them as soon as possible by seeing one of our family dentists in Lincoln, NE.

Because it’s natural and important to ask questions, we’ll answer some of them here to help set your mind at ease.

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What Causes Dentures to Break? Is there a dentist for denture repair near me?

There are a variety of reasons why dentures break or suffer damage. Typically, dentures are made from acrylic/plastic material that can break after months or years of wear and tear.

The most common reason for broken dentures is when they don’t fit well. Mouths change over time; therefore, dentures can become ill-fitting.

Finally, accidents happen! No matter the cause, the dentists in Lincoln, NE at Coddington Dental, will help repair or replace your dentures in the quickest way possible.

How to Fix Broken Dentures: Can You Use Superglue on Dentures?

The process to fix broken dentures depends upon the extent of the damage. Our Lincoln, NE dentists nearby find that dentures with cracks in them often times can be bonded back together. But, if the dentures have completely fallen apart, the solution could be to replace them. Do not use superglue on your dentures. Although it seems like a logical solution, superglue could contain toxic materials. Thus, using superglue could make you sick. Furthermore, dentures made from an acrylic material and do not bond with superglue. Using glue could cause distortion. In the end, you could have ill-fitting dentures. Thus, leading to mouth and gum sores.

A lost tooth on dentures is common and can typically be repaired in one day. Although denture repair kits are are available, it’s a good idea to visit our Lincoln dentists who can take impressions of your mouth to help determine the next step.

What Causes Dentures to Break: How to Prevent Broken Dentures.

Taking care of your dentures will decrease the chance of them breaking. Handle your dentures with care and make sure when changing them/taking them out, you are in a clean environment. If you have remaining natural teeth, you must brush them twice daily and care for them well. Mouth infections can also affect dentures. So, it is important to keep your mouth clean. Do not sleep while wearing your dentures because this will reduce the quality of the palate.


Dentures: Things to Keep in Mind

  • Being without your dentures because of necessary repairs can be frustrating. At Coddington Dental, we will do everything we can to repair or replace your dentures as quickly as possible.
  • For very mild repairs, you can often find denture repair kits at your local pharmacy store.
  • If you cannot repair your denture at home, you can request to be seen by our emergency dentist. If possible, they will try to fix your broken denture in just one day. Fixing broken dentures in Lincoln, NE is just one of the many dental services we offer.
  • Hybrid Prosthesis is an excellent alternative to removable dentures and can provide you with a durable and natural-looking smile for life!

    Learn more about the Hybrid Prosthesis here.

If you have broken dentures and still have questions, we’re here to help. Below we are some common questions with answers to help you.

What are the best replacement options for a broken denture? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…

In some cases, repairs for broken dentures can be done while you are in the office. However, depending upon the severity, it is possible we might have to send your dentures to a lab for repair.

If this is the case, our dentists will discuss your options with you. If your dentures do not fit well, sometimes our dental professionals can reline dentures to accommodate bone changes that occur over time.

In some cases, the best option is to consider replacing your dentures for a better fit and aesthetic appearance. When teeth are missing, the jaw bone deteriorates/dissolves over time. Thus, making dentures feel loose or unstable when chewing.

To prevent bone loss from occurring, the placement of implants is a great option. These implants can connect to an overdenture for better chewing stability. Having dentures that fit well will give you much better function for chewing and speaking. If you have questions about a broken denture, or questions about replacement options, contact us at Coddington Dental. Would you prefer to talk to one of our dentists? Feel free to call and schedule a consultation. We’re happy to help in any way we can!

Where can I get my denture repair done in Lincoln, NE? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…

Depending on how badly broken the dentures are, sometimes it is possible for us to repair the dentures chairside while you are in the office. In the event that repairs are not possible on your denture, a mold can be taken and sent to the lab for a new set of dentures. The processing time for this can be between 1-2 days. The dentists nearby at one of our Nebraska Family Dentistry locations can help you!

My dentures broke in half, how can I fix them? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…

If you are unable to see us immediately and have an emergency situation with broken dentures, you can find a temporary fix. You can use a denture repair kit found at some pharmacies. Do know, over-the-counter repair kits will not hold the denture together well enough to support chewing. Thus, an at-home fix should not be long term option.

Do not use epoxy, super glue, Gorilla glue or other chemicals to try to repair a denture. These products may contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the body. Have one of our “dentists near me” evaluate your denture for repairs.

What is the best home broken denture repair kit? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…

There are many denture repair kits on the market. These kits are a temporary option for patients until they can see us. Dentist On Call is a brand that makes a kit that is readily available at most pharmacies. It is important to only use a product that is specifically for use on dentures to avoid damaging the denture further or exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

If you use a denture repair kit, avoid getting the material on the part of the denture that fits up against your gums. Otherwise, be sure to minimize the amount of material you use as it can significantly alter the fit of your denture.

Can you use superglue on dentures? Your dentists in Lincoln, NE answer…

Dentures are made from an acrylic material that does not bond well with superglue. Superglue can cause distortions around the edges of the fracture, making it difficult for a lab to align the fracture properly to repair it. This can cause the denture to be more uncomfortable, thus increasing the likelihood that the denture will fracture in the same area. Superglue contains toxic chemicals that are not biocompatible and differ greatly from medical grade adhesives such as those for use on incisions by doctors. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions or inflammation of the gums.

If you don’t see the answer to your question, feel free to give us a call. We would love to help you!

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