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At Nebraska Family Dentistry, Coddington Dental, we want to make things as easy as we can. When we think of easy, three things come to mind: online book appointment scheduling, online bill pay, and a text feature that allows you to contact us. So, we made it happen. We offer all three features to help you to book appointment with our dentists as easy as possible!

Online Book Appointment Scheduling 24/7:

Coddington Dental is a proud member of the Nebraska Family Dentistry group. You are welcome to request and schedule your appointment at any of our locations in Lincoln, Nebraska with the family dentist of your choice.

If you have a dental emergency, you can contact us 24/7 for a dental emergency dentist.

Book appointment online scheduling is easy - do it day or night to see the dentists at Coddington Dental in Lincoln, NE.

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A conveinience feature we offer for our patients is online scheduling day or night.

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A conveinience feature we offer for our new and existing patients is online scheduling day or night.


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Do you have discomfort after recent dental work; contact your West Lincoln dentists for help or book appointment online.

Do you have discomfort after your recent dental work?

Find post-operative instructions and dental discomfort management tips.
If you need to contact our emergency dentist after-hours, please call us at 402-840-9783.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I find the best dentist in my area?

While everyone has different qualities that define “best dentist,” it’s always a good idea to ask around. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, or even your family physician. Many times, great recommendations can come by word of mouth. You can also look online for Google reviews searching “dentist reviews near me”. Online dentist reviews can offer great information about a particular person (in this case, a dentist) or a service.

How do I choose a dentist near me?

Choosing a dentist can sometimes be tricky. It might be that you have to shop around a bit. If you completed a visit and felt that they didn’t mesh with your personality, or offer the qualities you are looking for, keep shopping. In the end, you need to find a dental provider that will provide quality care, benefiting you. Be an honest advocate for yourself! Coddington Dental is a proud member of Nebraska Family Dentistry and we have dental clinics in all parts of Lincoln. If you are looking for a dentist near me, check out Nebraska Family Dentistry Clinics. 

How can book appointment online and have a same-day appointment with a dentist Lincoln, NE? Although not every dentist offers same-day appointments, there are some dentists, such as the dentists at Coddington Dental, that do set aside time each day for dental emergencies same-day appointments. They offer a wide variety of dental services and will be sure to get your needs taken care of with precision and skill, promptly. Please schedule 24/7 using an online calendar.

How can I find a dentist who takes my insurance near me?

Many dental offices accept insurance, but not all dental offices file your claims. There are a few ways that you can go about finding a dentist who accepts your insurance. You can see if they have a website that lists insurance companies that are “in-network” or with whom they participate. You can also call the dental office directly and ask them, or you can call your insurance provider and ask a representative who is listed as an “in-network” provider. Even if you find a dentist who doesn’t accept your insurance, but you still want to see them, discuss it with them before your first visit to see if they might be able to extend any other discounts. Chances are if you like the dentist and fee you’re receiving excellent care, paying an “out-of-network” price might be more justifiable. The dentists at Coddington Dental in Lincoln, NE, accept most major insurance, and as a bonus, they’ll save you time by submitting your insurance claim(s) for you! 

How can I book an appointment online with a dentist near me?

Book appointment online is a convenience feature that not all dental offices offer, but at Coddington Dental, we are all about making things as hassle-free as possible. Check out all of the dentists at Coddington Dental, find the dentist that you feel closely matches the qualities you’re looking for, and go online to schedule. It’s that easy! Please schedule 24/7 using an online calendar.

How can I find a dentist who sees patients after-hours near me?

An after-hours dentist can be hard to find. Ultimately, that can make it hard for some people to get the dental care they need and deserve. Life can be chaotic and, many times, seeing a medical provider of any kind, is no longer a priority, but the dentists at Coddington Dental understand. They feel that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality care if you can’t be seen during typical business hours (8 AM – 5 PM). Our dentists are here to help you and see patients after hours for emergency dental care.

How can I find a top-rated dentist near me?

Because everyone defines “best” or “top-rated” differently, there isn’t a clear-cut answer. The easiest way to find a dental provider who you feel is adequate is to make a list of the qualities you desire. For example, you might be looking for a dentist who is: great with children, accepts your specific insurance, and is in your part of town – by using Google, you can narrow down your search to a few locations and or dentists. Some dental clinics offer multiple locations and have several dentists; you can, however, choose the dentist to book appointment with at a location that works best for you. 

How do I check a dentist credentials?

It’s always a good idea to make sure the dentist you are seeing is adequately qualified before you book appointment with them. To check a dentist’s credentials, you can look in a couple of places. The first place to check is the American Dental Association. Here you can locate your state and click on the appropriate link. There you can look up the dental provider or dental clinic of your choosing. The credentials of the dentists at Coddington Dental in Lincoln, NE, can be found on the State of Nebraska website. We encourage you to learn more about Coddington Dental in Lincoln, NE, and see what they have to offer!

How do I find a Spanish speaking dentist near me?

To find a Spanish speaking dentist near me, you can use Google. Although Google might not offer a complete list, you can search by a specific dental clinic name to see if that is something that they offer. Because we know that the Spanish language is common in Lincoln, the dentists at Coddington Dental has you covered. If you are looking to book appointment for a Spanish speaking dentist near me, our dental professionals speak Spanish.

Find Female Dentist Near Me?

Although you can’t search by “female” dentist, you can search the American Dental Association’s Find-a-Dentist page to see a list of qualifying dentists. You can sort through the generated list and select the female dentist or dentists that look like they will suit your needs. You can then continue further research to see if they might be worth seeing. In your search, be sure to include Dr. Jodi Day, our female dentist at Coddington Dental in Lincoln, NE. This female dentist offers skilled and compassionate care, along with a variety of services for the entire family.

How do I find the most recommended dentist near me?

Finding the “most recommended dentist near me” can be done in a variety of ways. Some suggestions are to ask – talk with your neighbors, friends, family, or even co-workers. Ask your primary care physician if they have a recommendation. If you are moving out of the area, your current dentist may have connections with or know of an excellent dentist in the area where you will be moving. Another unique way to find out the facts is through state and local dental societies. You can always read online reviews and eliminate those dentists that you feel may not suit your needs. 

How do I find the best-rated dentist near me?

While there is no right or wrong way to locate the “best-rated dentist near me,” Google is always a great source. Search names of dental clinics and or providers and see what they have to offer. Read reviews and see what each dentist brings to the table. When people are searching for providers, typically, they want not only a reputable dentist who provides quality care, but they might also want a family-friendly dental clinic. People also often seek a “dental clinic near me,” or possibly even a dental clinic that offers payment plans. What’s important to one person might not be the same as what’s important to another person.

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Coddington Dental is a proud member of Nebraska Family Dentistry. We’re one of multiple NFD locations, some of which are even open on weeknights and weekends for your convenience.

Each NFD team member is trained to go above and beyond to keep our patients calm and comfortable, so you can expect the same exceptional care from all of our sister locations.

Nebraska Family Dentistry has dental clinic locations in all parts of Lincoln! Choose “near me dentist” location that is convenient for you.