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Coddington Dental is a proud member of the Nebraska Family Dentistry group. You are welcome to request and schedule your appointment at any of our locations in Lincoln, Nebraska with the family dentist of your choice.

If you have a dental emergency, you can contact us 24/7 for a dental emergency dentist.

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A conveinience feature we offer for our patients is online scheduling day or night.
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A conveinience feature we offer for our new and existing patients is online scheduling Day or Night.
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Coddington Dental is a proud member of Nebraska Family Dentistry. We’re one of multiple NFD locations, some of which are even open on weeknights and weekends for your convenience.

Each NFD team member is trained to go above and beyond to keep our patients calm and comfortable, so you can expect the same exceptional care from all of our sister locations.

Nebraska Family Dentistry has dental clinic locations in all parts of Lincoln! Choose “near me dentist” location that is convenient for you.